Thursday, 14 November 2013


I woke up this morning to find six comments posted by one or more trolls. As you would expect, each of them was low on intelligence or any kind of valid insight, but full of crass language, personal insults and stupidity. By way of example, consider the following statement - swearing edited slightly:

"Mother****ing pussy go back to using windows and quit ruining Linux by attracting point-and-click mindless f***s to it"

I will leave it to you to draw your own conclusions about the mental state of this individual. My main point is that due to the recent wave of trolling, I have decided to moderate comments from now on, largely to spare you having to read such drivel, as well as to deny such people the attention they crave.

Please feel free to post your thoughts, even (and especially) if you disagree with what I have written. Only overtly rude comments will be withheld. I appreciate hearing from you.

More power to you all.



  1. You have got to be one of the biggest self centered known nothing unable to think for self parrots I have ever encountered on the internet. Manjaro is perfect for fucking retards like you.

  2. Anonymous, I published this comment of yours - out of 5 or 6 obnoxious & rude comments that you posted - to let people make up their own minds. Fortunately there are relatively few trolls festering in Linux world, with the vast, vast majority of people being reasonable, intelligent & respectable. It amazes me how people such as yourself can react in such an extreme & nasty manner, purely due to someone's choice of distro. Despite that, it's a free world & you are entitled to your opinion. Go well, Ruziel.

  3. Ruziel - Just another typical troll, almost perfectly stereotype no less. Crass, insulting, feels it necessary to curse, doesn't know anything about punctuation, grammar or how to structure sentence correctly.

    And no, those that leave comments like this have absolutely no right to their opinion simply because they have none. They're only here to destroy a thread of conversation and, unfortunately, they often succeed. The only effective solution is to immediately delete any comment like the first one of this thread. Unfortunately, this means you have to "police" comments which can take up time that can be put to better use.

  4. Ruziel, it's good to see a moderated Manjaro blog. Her is my view on trolls:

    These sad trolls spend their life roaming forums all their spare time. They probably have nothing else to do, so it must be ALL their time trolling. Why do they have nothing to do? Because their mental capacity is so very low, they have no job and no interest in life. To get attention without having any social ability, they just troll - all they are able to do. Their mental age is permanantly at puberty as their small minds find amusement in using profanity. Yes the way to deal with them is to ignore their existence - they are not worth anything except the "delete" button!